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Believing IN visionairies

We are Believers.

We believe in Visionaries and their Ideas and Passion
for their inventions, be it products or services.

We strive to support every Visionary on their journey
to "getting things done" and realizing their dreams of entrepreneurship and independency.

Supporting Today'S founders

We are Supporters.

We support tech start-ups and founders in the key areas for successful growth - finance, it technology and human resources.

Investing in Tomorrows Technology

We are Technology M&A

We raise capital and invest our own funds
in technology-driven stories and ventures.

We have an outreaching network of Investment Firms,
Institutional Funds and High Networth Individuals.

Why us?

we are successfull entrepreneurs ourselves.
we coach, mentor and support.
we are partners not 3rd party.
We invest early and brave but always thoughtful.
we put our focus towards our clients, not our earnings.
more than 25 years experience.

Contact us.

For all inquiries pls contact

+49 151 5858 3400   |

our Address

Weserstrasse 4

60329 Frankfurt am Main


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Thanks for contacting us!

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